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Knitting Yarn Swift

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An essential tool for any knitter or crocheter, the Yarn Swift holds your hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls.

Simply clamp the swift onto a table or counter top to start winding yarn neatly and easily. Starting with the umbrella in the down position, place the open loop of the hank over the swift and pull it lightly so the far side of the hank is against the center of the umbrella. Then, use your free hand to slide up the umbrella clamp and open the umbrella to snuggly fit the circumference of the hank. Finally, secure the umbrella clamp in place and then wind away!

For added durability, the swift features metal hardware. The metal screws feature a plastic stopper at the end to prevent scratches when clamping the swift onto a table. For best results, use in tandem with the Knit Picks ball winder. Measures approx. 26" (66cm) in diameter (68"/173cm circumference) and 26" (66cm) tall when open.
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5 out of 5 stars

I have to say that Knit Picks has GREAT customer service! They chased me down to make sure I was happy with my swift! I'm so happy----it revolves so easily and I'm thrilled to have it in combo with my winder (finally! for a long time I just unwound the yarn to the floor!). Thank you to you, A (and you know who you are!) for helping me get completely satisfied!!!!

5 out of 5 stars

I just used this for the first time (with my KP yarn winder, and KP Gloss Lace yarn). I was terrified, if I'm being honest. I have come across some horror stories of people trying to use swifts themselves -and ending up with endless tangles and hours of tears. However, after a little initial time trying to figure out where the end was, and then which end to use once I found them, I found the whole process to be a breeze. The swift is sturdy and quite lovely, actually, and it spun freely without any issues at all. I'm thrilled, and I will now be more willing to buy hanks of yarn knowing that I can handle winding them with ease.

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful, solid and easy to hook up to a table. I was very impressed with the quality of the product considering what I paid for it. Not only is it very useful but unlike the wire contraptions that look like a mutated umbrella, this wooden swift looks lovely, too.

5 out of 5 stars

What a beautiful swift! It has a nice deep clamp for attaching it to a table, it glides open and closed with ease, and spins effortlessly. It works perfectly with the KP ball winder. Not only is it well made, it's pretty to look at! I'm so happy to have added this to my knitting toolbox. I no longer have to worry about expired parking meters when at the lys.