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Vendor: Master Magnetics
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Knitting Chart Keeper Magnet Replacement Set


Knitting from multiple charts at once can be a nightmare, but having extra magnets on your chart keeper can make difficult knitting a little easier. The Knitting Chart Keeper Magnet Replacement set contains four magnets: One is 7 7/8" long, Two are 1 15/16” long, and one is 4 11/16” long. They are plain black and very strong, so you can keep a multiple page pattern attached to your chart keeper.

These magnets may leave a slight mark on your chart if dragged – to prevent this, lift the magnet and replace it as needed. Item No. 80660

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5 out of 5 stars

I'm happy to see the magnets are available separately from the Knitting Chart Keeper, however, I have previously purchased two Chart Keepers years ago and I have never lost a magnet in all these years. My plan at the moment is to purchase an extra set because in using the Chart Keeper I have always felt that it would have been handy to have an extra, longer magnet (7 7/8") rather than the small magnets that come with the Keeper (although those certainly have their place).