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Medium: CD program
Vendor: Intwined Studio
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3.166666 out of 5 stars

Intwined Pattern Studio Software

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Intwined Pattern Studio is fun, powerful software for knitting, especially lace and cable designs. This program offers:
  • Create a complete pattern to print, sell, or share as a PDF, or export as your favorite image format (print or export a PDF file with any image-size and resolution)
  • You can create your own custom stitches and stitch icons
  • As you "paint" your chart, Intwined creates the written instructions, for in-the-round or flat knitting styles
  • If you prefer to type or paste your pattern instructions, Intwined creates the graphic of the chart as you type
  • Create magazine-cover-quality graphics, because Intwined uses SVG, so your designs never look like pixels
  • The built-in stitch library includes over 200 stitches, cables, and symbols
  • Unlimited: colors for stitches and borders - undo/redo while editing - chart Size
  • Compatible with Mac OS X up to version 10.10 ("Yosemite"), as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Crocheters can upload stitches through a link on the Intwined Pattern Studio website.
The versatility and ease of use of this program makes it a must have tool for any knitter.
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  • Customer Picks

1 out of 5 stars

I bought this because I needed help writing out crochet patterns. After reading about how easy it was to work with and that the reviews were pretty good, I bought it. I got the download to add crochet stitches and started to get to work. The stitches included for the crochet patterns is just terrible. They are missing most of the more basic stitches. There really isn't anything you can make with it with the crochet stitches that they included. I emailed them to ask them to add some of the more basic stitches and they replied that they "cannot promise that we will implement every request". It was essentually a waste of money for me because they made it sound as if the knitting and crocheting part were equal but they most definitely are not. So, crocheters beware!

4 out of 5 stars

This software does not lend itself very well to charting crochet. The developer did add a few crochet symbols, but many are lacking. You can create more of your own through Inkscape software and import the new symbols in. However, crochet symbols alone does not make this software compatible to that medium. I don't knit and so can only assume its good for knitting. I bought mine directly from the developer's website at full retail, but in the end it's not a good fit for a crocheter. I'm giving it a good rating because it seems to work well without crashes. It's just not software for me and was a waste of money, until I learn to knit.

4 out of 5 stars

It is a good program for charting, but as it was mentioned before, it doesn't write out chart repeats, you have to manually edit the written instructions to indicate the repeats. But for the price - 1/3 the price of most of the others, it works.

4 out of 5 stars

Works for everything I need to do - comprehensive library of stitches and the ability to add more. Cut and paste to check repeats, easy to add or delete columns/rows. will do directions for symbols but not for color knitting options for flat or in the round knitting very pleased for the price, the next price point for software is quite a lot higher

5 out of 5 stars

This is pretty good for creating charts for knitting. It has a fairly comprehensive listing of knitting stitch symbols for various increases, decreases, cables, etc., as well as symbols that you can define and describe yourself. It is easy to add different colors for color work . There is also a listing of crochet stitches, but I don't know enough about crochet to comment. Charts can be any number of stitches or rows you need them to be. As you fill in the charts with the symbols the text will change in the directions to match, which is pretty cool. The document can be changed to a pdf file and saved which makes it easy to print or share electronically. It did not come with any sort of directions booklet, so it took me quite a bit of trial and error to figure some things out. This is for charts and directions ONLY. It won't design a garment for you or do any of the simple math involved in garment design. Nevertheless, this takes away the tedium of doing charts on graph paper. It is fairly nimble. Actually, my major complaint is that it doesn't seem to accommodate the concept of Stitch Multiples. By that I mean, many stitch patterns, such as the brocade pattern I am using to create a vest right now, is a multiple of 8+1, with the extra stitch necessary to balance the pattern in flat knitting. If knit in the round, the +1 would be omitted. Check out just about any good stitch dictionary and I think you'll see what I mean. If you decide to give this a try, I think it is a bit less expensive as sold here rather than downloaded from the Intwined website, plus you get a disk if you need to down load it again. Also, it is sold to YOU and not your computer so once you get it you can load it onto all of your compatible electronic devices. But you'll still want to visit the Intwined website to watch a video that gives an overview of how this program works.

1 out of 5 stars

This is for making a chart ONLY. It does not do any calculations, Although advertised for weavers it is not weaving software in any way. It does not do drawdowns, It seems to be a slightly specialized version of 'paint' with a little word processor. Not worth the money. The response I got from the company when I asked how this was to be used for weaving shows that they are aware that their advertisement is misleading.