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Have Yarn, Will Travel Kit

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Are you someone who loves knitting on a plane, a train, or an automobile? Our Have Yarn, Will Travel Kit contains a tape measure, a row counter, a pack of metal stitch markers, a view sizer, a pair of foldable scissors, and a Fog Linen Anne Round Bag and a Fog Linen Shire Pouch. You'll carry what you need in style, and complete those portable projects, with ease!
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2 out of 5 stars

My major disappointment with this kit is the denim bag. The bag is very thin, unlike the smaller linen bag which is as sturdy as it looks. The denim bag, though, feels as though it will easily rip or the handles will tear off easily if you put too much weight into the bag. It's also awkward to carry.. The handles aren't quite big enough to put over your shoulder. I travel a lot and am very weary about trusting the denim bag going on flight with me in a week. The linen pouch is very sturdy and the tools included are very useful, no complaints with those products, but if your major purchase point is the denim bag to put everything in, maybe think twice about this purchase.