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Finger Row Counter - White


Easily keep track of your rows with this handy digital row counter! Simply place the digital counter snuggly around your finger to stay on track as you work through each row. Featuring an adjustable strap, the row counter has one large button to advance your count to the next row and a smaller button to reset the counter. If you’ve put away your project and row counter, just tap the large button to turn on the screen and see the row number that was last worked.
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5 out of 5 stars

I love this little counter! It's the perfect solution to keeping track of my rows and rounds on my crochet projects. Just press the large button to add a row, hit reset when done, and it will turn off automatically when not in use. It will also remember the last row you were on if you stop for a while.

5 out of 5 stars

I couldn't be happier with this counter. I originally thought that it would be cumbersome on my finger and get in the way of my knitting. I put it on my ring finger, picked up a project, and quickly forgot it was there. It stayed out of my way while I was working. The button is quiet when you push it to either add another row or reset. It does rattle a little bit when knitting, but that doesn't seem to affect the count. I strongly recommend this counter, and I am planning to get more of these in the future.