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Counting & Measuring Tools

Pick up your knitting where you left off. Row counters & stitch markers - electronic, beaded, coil, jump rings & more for keeping track.

Counting & Measuring Tools

Row Counter Plus
Row Counter Plus by Nancy's Knit Knacks Sale! $21.60
Retail: $30.00   28% off
Finger Row Counter - White
Finger Row Counter - White by The Knitters Helper Sale! $3.56
Weigh 'n Digital Scale
Weigh 'n Digital Scale by Escali Digital Scales Sale! $12.59
Retail: $19.95   37% off
Ablet Knitting Abacus Bracelet
Ablet Knitting Abacus Bracelet by Creative Commodities Sale! $13.49

Boye Project Talkers
Boye Project Talkers by Wm Wright Sale! $3.59
Knit Happy Tape Measure
Knit Happy Tape Measure by K1C2, L.L.C. Sale! $2.66
Stitch Dots
Stitch Dots by Polar Knit Sale! $7.19

Retractable Tape Measure
Retractable Tape Measure by Knit Picks $1.99
Row Counter
Row Counter by Knit Picks $1.99
Knitting Yarn Meter
Knitting Yarn Meter by Nancy's Knit Knacks Sale! $53.99

WPI Tool and Knit Card
WPI Tool and Knit Card by Nancy's Knit Knacks Sale! $8.99