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Blocking and Finishing Knitting Tools

Blocking and Finishing Knitting Tools

Hobbs Polyester Fiberfill
Hobbs Polyester Fiberfill by Hobbs Bonded Fibers $3.99

Conductive Thread
Conductive Thread by Superior Threads $4.99

Agoya Shell Button
Agoya Shell Button by JHB International $2.50

Rebel 5/8
Rebel 5/8" Button by JHB International $2.20 Clearance

Floral Stamp 3/4
Floral Stamp 3/4" White Button by JHB International $2.90

Romance Clasp - Copper
Romance Clasp - Copper by JHB International $3.15

Romance Clasp - Gunmetal
Romance Clasp - Gunmetal by JHB International $2.90

Antler 2
Antler 2" Toggle by JHB International $3.45

Alpine Clasp
Alpine Clasp by JHB International $4.30

Burnt Wood Button
Burnt Wood Button by JHB International $2.85

Montreal Button
Montreal Button by JHB International $2.20

Soak Wash - Ravelry Unleash
Soak Wash - Ravelry Unleash by Soak Wash Inc. $12.95

Soak Wash 12 oz
Soak Wash 12 oz by Soak Wash Inc. $16.00

Knit Picker
Knit Picker by Prym-Dritz $1.89

Boye Suede Slipper Soles
Boye Suede Slipper Soles by Wm Wright $12.99 $9.99

T Pins
T Pins by Knit Picks $2.99

Lint Shaver
Lint Shaver by Knit Picks $3.99

Darning Egg
Darning Egg by PineCraft, Inc $3.99

Lace Blocking Wires
Lace Blocking Wires by Knit Picks $19.99

Blocking Pins
Blocking Pins by Knit Picks $4.99

Blocking Mats
Blocking Mats by Knit Picks $24.99

Bent Tip Tapestry Needles
Bent Tip Tapestry Needles by Knit Picks $1.99

Pill Remover
Pill Remover by Knit Picks $3.99

Sock Blockers
Sock Blockers by Knit Picks $13.99

Kookaburra Wool Wash
Kookaburra Wool Wash by The Kookaburra Company $2.49

Kookaburra Delicate Wool Wash
Kookaburra Delicate Wool Wash by The Kookaburra Company $2.49

Eucalan Woolwash
Eucalan Woolwash by Eucalan $13.00

Flat Flower Pins
Flat Flower Pins by Prym-Dritz $5.69 $4.55

Suede 2-Piece Slipper Bottoms
Suede 2-Piece Slipper Bottoms by Fiber Trends $9.99

Clover Jumbo Yarn Needles
Clover Jumbo Yarn Needles by Clover Needlecraft $3.00